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Introducing – Doug

20 October 2020

Introducing Doug, Doug mows our orchards on a regular basis. Starting in Havelock North and finishing in Puketapu, it takes a total of 61.9 hours to achieve a full round of 3 orchard blocks.


20 October 2020

Apatu Farms also operates a winter lamb finishing platform that works in conjunction with our strategic cropping programs. When our annual crops are harvested, the paddocks are sown with grass seed for pasture.


20 October 2020

Our block A Chardonnay at Omapere has flowered! This is better known as inflorescence, which will soon turn into bunches of grapes.

Introducing – Adam Leach

15 October 2020

Introducing Adam Leach. Adam joins our business as a Machinery Operator for our Omapere Vineyard,

Hawke’s Bay is our home

26 September 2020

Hawke’s Bay is our home. With fertile lands nestled across the Heretaunga plains flanking the Ngaruroro river, we are blessed with rich soils to grow our produce.

Sprinkler maintenance

23 September 2020

Our irrigation branch has been hard at work doing sprinkler maintenance for the season ahead.

Onion planting

15 September 2020

The Ag boys have been busy this week, planting 300 hectares of onion seeds.

New Pip-fruit division

08 September 2020

Our new Pipfruit division has come along nicely over the last month.