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The taste of Summer

16 February 2022

Our Jugala harvest is underway! Nothing like a new season apple to remind us we live in the fruit bowl of New Zealand.


25 November 2021

Big welcome back to Oscar, returning for his 4th Irrigation season!

Preparing our Machinery

09 November 2021

Wow haven't we had some rain!

Home Time

23 September 2021

A big shout out to our RSE boys, so pleased you were able to get onboard a repatriation flight home!

Frost Fighting

26 August 2021

Cracker frosts in Hawkes Bay, look what our Vineyard crew get to witness!

Soil Maintenance

09 August 2021

Soil maintenance is well underway!

New season Onions!

05 August 2021

John busy planting our new season onions!

Ohiti and Korokipo Vineyard

30 July 2021

We have some new faces at our Ohiti and Korokipo Vineyard!

Korokipo Vineyard and Orchard

14 July 2021

We are switching things up again!

Ag Maintenance Programme

10 June 2021

Maintenance season is upon us!

RSE Team

10 June 2021

Big shout out to our RSE boys and Western Rangers Football Club.

Onion Packhouse

27 May 2021

Thanks to all our Onion Packhouse staff for a great season.

Meet Fakaosi

04 March 2021

Our supervisors in our Pipfruit are busy with Harvest.

Grape Harvest 2021

04 March 2021

First of our Grape Harvesting for 2020/2021 season.

Introducing Maa

04 March 2021

Maa started back in 2010, check out his story!


04 March 2021

Poppi - The newest apple variety

Irrigation programme

15 February 2021

What a hard working group, making sure our irrigation programme is achieved.

Thank you

15 February 2021

A big thank you to all our hard working uni-students.

Career change in 2021!

22 January 2021

Are you looking for a career change in 2021


04 December 2020

A big thank you to everyone involved in our Pipfruit Division!

Introducing our Admin team

11 November 2020

Along with growing produce, our Admin team has also grown!


11 November 2020

Inflorescence (flower cluster) in block A Chardonnay at Omapere


11 November 2020

Did you know Tomatoes are classed as a fruit not a vegetable!


03 November 2020

Early starts rewards our Ag team with what the day will bring

Baby Beetroot

03 November 2020

How many seeds are planted per hour!

Roy’s Hill

03 November 2020

Check our our extremely curious and inquisitive cattle

Introducing – Doug

20 October 2020

Introducing Doug, Doug mows our orchards on a regular basis. Starting in Havelock North and finishing in Puketapu, it takes a total of 61.9 hours to achieve a full round of 3 orchard blocks.


20 October 2020

Apatu Farms also operates a winter lamb finishing platform that works in conjunction with our strategic cropping programs. When our annual crops are harvested, the paddocks are sown with grass seed for pasture.


20 October 2020

Our block A Chardonnay at Omapere has flowered! This is better known as inflorescence, which will soon turn into bunches of grapes.

Introducing – Adam Leach

15 October 2020

Introducing Adam Leach. Adam joins our business as a Machinery Operator for our Omapere Vineyard,

Hawke’s Bay is our home

26 September 2020

Hawke’s Bay is our home. With fertile lands nestled across the Heretaunga plains flanking the Ngaruroro river, we are blessed with rich soils to grow our produce.

Sprinkler maintenance

23 September 2020

Our irrigation branch has been hard at work doing sprinkler maintenance for the season ahead.

Onion planting

15 September 2020

The Ag boys have been busy this week, planting 300 hectares of onion seeds.

New Pip-fruit division

08 September 2020

Our new Pipfruit division has come along nicely over the last month.